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Tardivo, Moscato Spumante VSQ

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The sparkling late sweet wine created in 2001 from  the selection of the eldest Moscato vineyard grapes. 
The sparkling wine of the Late Harvest Moscato. 
Its liveliness is an explosion of Moscato grapes taking origins from the our ancient farmer’s tasty and jobs.


Chaudelune Vin de Glace, Valle d'Aosta DOC

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The Chaudelune Vin del Glace “Ice wine” is a particular white wine gets from a night vine harvest and produced in Val D’Aosta in the Cave du Vin Blanc located between Morgex et La Salle where the vineyards achieve the 1200 m in altitude in the slope of Monte Bianco. These are the vineyards the highest in Europe...


Brachetto, Bel Roseto, Piemonte, Spumante DOC

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The red sweet sparkling wine born in 2000. 
The roses scent and the lively foam call to the mind red fruits, desserts and cocktails as from a romantic landscape picture, very appreciated  from women for its red ruby, brilliant and charming colour. 
Thanks to its fresh, bubbling and velvety tasting warm the hearts and the friendship meetings....


Vino Santo, Arèle, Trentino DOC

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An exclusive wine, in all ways. A sunny wine, Mediterranean, obtained from slow fermentation
of grapes, allowed to dry on grates, called “arele”, and pressed during Easter Week. For this
reason it is called Vino Santo, fi ne, elegant, with a golden yellow, dazzling colour. With its long, long persistence it is incredibly convincing, joyous, but never tedious on the palate. Unique and premier among dessert wines , able to stand the test of time because it is made only in memorable years which guarantee incredible longevity.


Goldtraminer, Goldsoliva, Vendemmia Tardiva, Trentino DOC

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Where does grape ripe better? In the sunny, highhill, sunny fi elds, thus culla respecting the natural cycle of the vine. This is also how the Gold Soliva is born. It results from a late picking of a variety created in the Fifties by Rebo Rigotti, a local winegrowing researcher.
This variety may be left on the vine without faringe autumn frosts, thus evaluating only the annual trend and the sugar concentrations of the grapes riping in the sun.


Essenzia, Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT

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 Faedo in Coveli at 350 m. above the sea level. with western exposure and in the locality Palai at 700 m. sabove the sea level. with southern exposure; Grumes in the upper Val di Cembra at Maso Rella at 800/900 m. above the sea level. with south-south / west exposure.