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Hello, we are Marco and Rosanna of the Azienda Agricola Longariva.
We love calling ourselves “Vine-growers for passion”, in love with our work and above all with the soil that we cultivate...

Marco is the driving force, the craftsman … the creator of the grapes and the wine. Rosanna looks after presenting the products, the image of the bottles and the azienda.
In the web pages we have given special emphasis on describing the personality of our wines more than on technical descriptions. We really do believe that poetry, soul and character mean a lot more than just the technicalities.
And just to top it up, we have added our own photos to the website so that you can experience the rural Lagarina through the different seasons.
We hope that our website will convey our passion and love for the soil around us and that you will be able to share this with us, that is to say our wines. We really do wish this from the heart and we raise our glasses together with you!

The territory and the Azienda

Trentino is our territory, Val Lagarina our sunny valley, the vineyards our passion and the wines … a pleasure to convey and share.
Mounts Baldo, Zugna, Biaena, Stivo and Cornetto form a frame around the vineyards. The River Adige, our silver shining ribbon-like water that runs through the valley and then the afternoon “L’Ora” wind that blows in off Lake Garda maintaining our climate dry and the vineyards healthy.
Our azienda is in the heart of Vallagarina, between Rovereto and Isera, par excellence wine-growing and producing ground of which we are highly proud.
We aren’t a centuries old wine-making tradition, we started as wine growers in the harvest of 1976, inheriting this passion and tradition mainly from our family farm workers of yore.
Making wine is our life and we dedicate the utmost attention to the environment and to the right rhythm of nature. We like to match a philosophy on how we work together with an agronomic innovation only to present our wines anchored to our local history and authentic expression of our ground to a wider market.

A little chitchat with the vine-grower

“Wine is the soil’s greatest product. It is alive, changeable and palpitating, full of emotion…it evolves and improves with age. Just like us…… it is impulsive, unstable, aggressive in youth but then it harmonizes and becomes more balanced and refined in maturity.

To be a creator and part of such a creative process (and to sense the wine’s walk of life) is the same emotion that I feel when I renew or make a new vineyard. This is where a vine-grower’s mastery is put to the test…from every single plant that is planted out.

To be an attentive and alert vine-grower and a passionate wine expert at the same time is quite hard work, but also a great privilege.

Feel at home in our cellar

Rovereto our town, a cultural centre and Sacco an old river port town for rafts travelling from up north on the River Adige.

Our Cellar is situated in the historic centre of Borgo Sacco, in 6 Via Zandonai.

We are open to the public from Monday to Friday (9.00-12.00 and 3.00-7.30pm) and on Saturday mornings from 9.00 – 12.00).

Marco and Rosanna welcome visitors, clients and friends to their cosy home with a big open fire within the spacious interior courtyard.

We speak English, French and German. Please book for wine tasting, visits to the vineyards and to the cellar when seasonal work permits.

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