Laghel 7

The Laghel 7 farm was founded in 1969 on the hills of Upper Garda in Trentino, north-west of the town of Arco, in an area traditionally suited to the cultivation of olive trees.  

The land extends to an average altitude of 360 m above sea level. An entirely family-run agritourism facility has been active since 2003 which also makes use of a small zootechnical center and riding school where educational activities are carried out. In 2009 the company was certified organic. Its jewel is the 2-hectare olive grove with 300 trees, some of which are centenarians. In consideration of the prevailing climatic and geological values, a monoculture of "casaliva" was chosen, a variety resistant even at extreme latitudes. The alternation of breezes, the Pelér in the morning from the north and the Ora in the afternoon from the south, regulates the temperatures and the salubrity of the air. 

Laghel 7

Laghel 7

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The attentive cultivation techniques and early harvesting lead to the production of an oil that twinkles with crystal-clear topaz tints and golden hues, while the fragrance evokes the fresh, vibrant herbal tones of artichoke, almond, walnut husk and unripe banana.