Consorzio Olivicoltori Malcesine

The "Malcesine Olive Grower Consortium" was set up immediately after Second World War. Olive-growning members created the mill to best promote their own agrarian activities: preservation of traditional olive pruning and harvesting systems.

The consortium has modernized pressing processes to enhance the organoleptic charateristics of the oil to a maximum.

Olive groves with most trees being over a hundred years old, are located inside the municipal bounderies of Malcesine on hillsides over-looking Lake Garda.

Consorzio Olivicoltori Malcesine

Consorzio Olivicoltori Malcesine

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Sua Maestà Nera


His Black Majesty is the most prized of our condiments. It is obtained from the slow cooking over direct heat of the must obtained from an ancient tree vineyard, now bicentenary and lovingly preserved. Harmonious, dense and fragrant.