Consorzio Olivicoltori Malcesine

The "Malcesine Olive Grower Consortium" was set up immediately after Second World War. Olive-growning members created the mill to best promote their own agrarian activities: preservation of traditional olive pruning and harvesting systems.

The consortium has modernized pressing processes to enhance the organoleptic charateristics of the oil to a maximum.

Olive groves with most trees being over a hundred years old, are located inside the municipal bounderies of Malcesine on hillsides over-looking Lake Garda.

Consorzio Olivicoltori Malcesine

Consorzio Olivicoltori Malcesine

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La Costèra Extra-virgin Olive Oil


A superb extra-virgin olive oil, a pure nectar, produced using just 1% of the total production of the Olive-Growers’ Consortium in Malcesine. This superlative olive oil is made using olives that are picked from centuries-old olive trees growing in the full sun on hilly terraces, and pressed on the very first day of milling.