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La Costèra Extra-virgin... La Costèra Extra-virgin...
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La Costèra Extra-virgin Olive Oil

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A superb extra-virgin olive oil, a pure nectar, produced using just 1% of the total production of the Olive-Growers’ Consortium in Malcesine. This superlative olive oil is made using olives that are picked from centuries-old olive trees growing in the full sun on hilly terraces, and pressed on the very first day of milling.

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Italico, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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An Italian extra virgin olive oil, it is selected and marketed by Agraria Riva del Garda, in full respect of the quality standards that distinguish it. The label is a tribute to Fortunato Depero, the famous painter from Trentino who was the father of the Futurism movement, and arises from a desire to combine artistic creativity with the regional identity.

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Italico, Organic, Extra Virgin, Olive Oil

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Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil selected and sold by the Riva del Garda Agraria with full respect of the high quality that characterizes this product. The labelling of the oil follows in the tradition of local Trentino artist Depero from Rovereto, the father of futurism in industrial design. 


46° Parallelo, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Monovarietale Casaliva

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Due to adverse seasonal conditions, the 2019 vintage is not available. Next availability: autumn 2020.

BLUE as the water color of lakes and oceans, as typical for 46°Parallelo, as Casaliva is for us.

The oil is produced only with the selected autochthonous Casaliva olives, early picked and pressed for increasing the polyphenols content

Among the polyphenols of extra virgin olive oil a particular molecule has been isolated which has analgesic properties and acts as a natural anti-inflammatoryThis makes the extra virgin olive oil particularly suitable for those who use their body intensively.

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46° Parallelo, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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The extra virgin olive oil produced in the extreme north of Italy, on the 46th parallel, highlights the northernmost region in the world with an olive-growing tradition. The oil marketed with this label fully expresses the characteristics of its “extreme” origins. It is produced with fruit from one of the northernmost olive-growing areas in Europe, located near the 46th parallel – a Mediterranean oasis in the heart of the Alps.