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Italico, Organic, Extra Virgin, Olive Oil

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Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil selected and sold by the Riva del Garda Agraria with full respect of the high quality that characterizes this product. The labelling of the oil follows in the tradition of local Trentino artist Depero from Rovereto, the father of futurism in industrial design. 

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Garda Trentino DOP. "Imperiale"

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DOP Garda Trentino Extra Virgin Olive Oil inspired by the area\'s Hapsburg rich influence in the history of the Upper Lake Garda region and reflecting the ties with the Imperial Austrian Court and the territory. This is an oil that goes above and beyond the DOP regulations yet offers a good price/quality rapport, and makes an excellent gastronomic souvenir.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Garda Trentino DOP "Uliva"

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ULIVA is characterized by its excellent quality.
The selection of extra virgin olive oil DOP Garda Trentino is dedicated to chefs, food and wine lovers, experts and lovers of good food and oil tasters, sensitive to the quintessence and uniqueness of products that are closely tied to the country of origin.

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Top Coffee Pods

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The excellence of Omkafè ready-to-enjoy at home or in the office, just like at the coffee bar. Packaged in a controlled atmosphere in capsules made of foodstuff-grade filter paper, a natural material that’s completely biodegradable.