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€14.00 Da

Millenario, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic


MILLENARIO: Nella storica olivaia di Varignano troviamo l’Olif de Bòtes, l’olivo più antico del Garda Trentino con età stimata di circa mille anni, Millenario appunto. Il nome di quest’olio racconta la storia della nostra famiglia e la tradizione contadina della coltivazione dell’olivo ad Arco. Viene prodotto con le olive degli alberi secolari più antichi di tutto il Garda Trentino, raccolte a piena invaiatura per esaltarne il fruttato e per emozionare i palati più fini. Dal 2017, Millenario è olio del Presidio Slow food.


Sua Maestà Nera


His Black Majesty is the most prized of our condiments. It is obtained from the slow cooking over direct heat of the must obtained from an ancient tree vineyard, now bicentenary and lovingly preserved. Harmonious, dense and fragrant.

€11.50 Da

46° Parallelo, Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The extra virgin olive oil produced in the extreme north of Italy, on the 46th parallel, highlights the northernmost region in the world with an olive-growing tradition. The oil marketed with this label fully expresses the characteristics of its “extreme” origins. It is produced with fruit from one of the northernmost olive-growing areas in Europe, located near the 46th parallel – a Mediterranean oasis in the heart of the Alps.

€23.50 Da

46° Parallelo, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


WHITE as the universal color of purity. The oil is produced in a dell of the lake exposed to winds, rich in historical olive groves. The olives are harvested early by hand, crushed, preserved and bottled according to the organic protocol. The oleic acid present in extra virgin olive oil is essential and precious for health. Also linoleic and linolenic acids are present in proportions similar to breast milk. This combination results in easy digestibility and protection. It is therefore very suitable for children, debilitated and elderly people, and those who make an organic lifestyle.