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La Cadalora

It is in the winery that the life of a wine begins. La Cadalora, the Tomasi home, is representative of typical Vallagarina architecture, u-shaped, with a central courtyard. This early eighteenth century building has several underground cellars, with arcades and vaults, that offer optimal temperature and moisture. Nearby stands a medieval romanesque tower, once a part of a hospice, the Ospizio of Santa Margherita. This makes the place particular and exciting. 

When grapes arrive, they are classified by variety, and vineyard; these lots are kept separate all through the winemaking and ageing.
Winemaking follows the peculiar characteristics of the grapes, their variety, the soil of the vineyard of provenance and the vineyard age. Appropriate and simple oenological techniques are employed to obtain the best from the grapes, according to the quality of the vintage.

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