Berra Anna

The farm Anna Berra has a surface of 4,5 bectares and is located in Ramandolo, a small village in the commune of Nimis, on the eastern hills (Colli Orientali) of the Italian region Friuli.

Ramandolo has been awarded the first controlled and guaranteed denomination of origin in the region Friuli - Venezia Giulia for the renowned wine after which it is named. The vineyards are cultivated following the best agronomic techniques and using very restrained forms of breeding, such as Guyot and the spurred cordon, with a yeld of 1,8 - 2,3 kilos per vinestock, depending on the variety. The vines cultivated are: Verduzzo friulano, which is used to obtain Ramandolo, Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and, finally, a small quantity of Picolit. The farm has two lines of products: - a "traditional line", which is branded Vini di Casa Berra and used to market red wines made only in inox vats; - a line branded Selezione Anna Berra, featuring Anna Berra's original signature on the label. The wines in this line are obtained from reserves made and refined in French durmast barriques for a long period of time (over 18 months). This line includes also Ramandolo, which is made from grapes that are over-matured in cellars, with a yield of about 36-40%. A real nectar is obtained, where scents of jam, the complex fragrance of barrique and the high content in residual sugars concur to form a product that offers strong sensations. The same line comprises also Refosco riserva, which is refined in wooden barrels for over 18 months and subsequently in glass bottles for over 14 months. It is a wine of character, with sweet scents brought by the wood to both smell and taste. It is best served with grilled meats or game. Picolit is part of this line too, and is made from grapes that are over-matured and refined in new wooden barrels. It is a wine of delicate and graceful hues, whose greatness is enhanced when savoured betweeen meals as a conversation or meditation wine or, better still, in the company of one's sweetheart. About 25,000 bottles are produced each year. The farm intends to increase its production in the near future by purchasing new plots, while striving to guarantee the same quality that has been sought and implemented until now.

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