Benito Ferrara

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The A.A. Benito Ferrara ® was founded in 1880 as a grape producing and trasforming firm. It had an area of about 40 Ha. Its current area is about 3Ha, and it's  going to be 7 Ha in the next future. 

The grounds are 450-600 meters above sea level height, toward south, they lie in a hill area, and they are rich in calcium, phosphorus, potassium and silicon, let alone the sulphur stones that are in the depth of the eluvial horizon. It has to be remembered too that in the depth of the rock there are the famous Mines of sulphur. And in those vineyards every year takes place the vintage.

Planted about 30 years ago, the vineyard breed is “espalier”, with Guyot pruining. The peculiarity of the grapes is that the cluster is divided in two, a greater and a smaller part: they are the " twin souls " or " aminae gemina ". The agronomist Columella described it in such a way, while Cato and Giovan Battista Della Porta defined it " Graecia " and " Graecula ".

Benito Ferrara

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