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Barone Pizzini


The history of a winery is considered by all to be an important heritage of tradition, knowledge and experience; but today we could not be proud of this milestone if it didn’t represent the completion of a journey, or perhaps even the fulfilment of a destiny, that today allows us to drink only the fruit of a respected nature from our glasses and our way of loving that nature, which consists oflistening in the vineyard and respect in the cellar.

We have allowed ourselves to be led, one generation after another, by an imaginary thread, or rather, by roots sunk deep down in our land that urge us to respect the life of that extraordinary microcosm that makes every territory unique. Today, this story of research, commitment, hard work, study, concern and satisfaction, culminates in a goal, or rather a pure wine, devoid of any residue foreign to nature.


The estate’s 25 vineyards are scattered in different locations across Franciacorta. They cover a total surface area of 47 hectares. The average elevation of the vines is 200/350 meters a.s.l. And their average age is roughly 15 years. Every plant has its own characteristics thanks to varied exposure, elevation, and soil types. They make each one different from the rest. The subsoils are complex in origin. Some are morainic in nature while others are enriched by glacial river deposits.

The fact that we employ organic farming creates even greater potential in the substrate. Organic practices improve the vitality of the strata that the roots explore as they extend themselves over time. As they dig deeper, they find balanced, active fertility.
Pierluigi Donna, Vineyard Manager and Partner.

Barone Pizzini

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Animante, Franciacorta DOCG

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It represents the soul of Barone Pizzini because it embodies the living nature of its vineyards. It’s the crowning achievement of a long process of pionering renewal that led Barone Pizzini to become the first organic grower and winemaker in Franciacorta..