Trento D.O.C. Brut "Monfort"
  • Trento D.O.C. Brut "Monfort"

Monfort, Brut, Trento DOC

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The Casata Monfort range of products includes a classic spumante (sparkling wine) made according to the traditional methods in which fermentation takes place in the bottle. It is produced with Chardonnay.


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...grapes from the hilly slopes of Trento and Pergine Valsugana, situated at heights ranging from 400 to 600 metres a.s.l..


In the spring following harvest, once the cuvée has been made by mixing the batches of wine from the same year with bred wine yeast andliqueur de tirage, the wine base is bottled and left to mature in cellars at a temperature of 8-12 °C. In this period of time the so-called “taking of the froth” fermentation phenomenon takes place. It is a process in which carbon dioxide develops, which is the gas that produces a pressure of 6 atmospheres. To refine the bouquet, the bottles are periodically shaken, thus allowing for the sparkling wine to come into contact with the lees. It is after this period, which is the most fascinating in the process, when the bottles are put onto pupitres (special leaning frames), with the bottles upside down, where for two months they are shaken daily and turned eight times by expert cellar-men. This process allows all the deposits to rise to the neck of the bottle, which can then be removed during the “disgorgement”, which consists of opening the bottle to remove the sediment. Before sealing, using a cork stopper, the bottles are topped up with a Liquer d’expédition, the secret recipe held by each sparkling wine maker.

Organoleptic properties  





AROMA:  sharp, intense, fruity.

FLAVOURdry, full, fragrant, harmonious, well-balanced.

PERLSGEfine and persistent.

Serving temperature

Best enjoyed at a temperature of 8-10 °C.

Wine and food matching

The Spumante Brut Casata Monfort considered a sparkling wine for all dishes. This is a classic wine for special occasions, to begin a party or celebration, giving a toast, accompanied by mouth watering appetizers, followed by the pouring of the drinks.

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Data sheet

White sparkling wine
Denomination of origin
Trento D.O.C.
Grape varieties
Alcohol content
12,5 %

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