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Reboro, Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT

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This project stems from the friendship and collaboration of some winemakers of the Valle dei Laghi in southern Trentino that have decided to invest their expertise and experience in grape drying technique into the production of a red wine of great value and flavour.


Vigneti delle Dolomiti I.G.T. Moscato Dry

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The variety of Moscato Giallo found in Valle dei Laghi its ideal habitat This very aromatic and lightly sweet wine is perfect both aperitif and dessert. Ripening lasts until late autumn. Azienda Agricola Pisoni takes care only of a small lot in order to provide this wine with structure and perfect peculiarities for the finest palate.


Vigneti delle Dolomiti I.G.T. Chardonnay

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Chardonnay vineyards cultivated in lands Mas del Gobbo and Cesura are completely different from the ones of other Italian country and yield a refined, well structured and soft wine.
The most important Italian producers of Spumante buy Chardonnay just in Trentino.
Part of this production is used by Azienda Agricola Pisoni to produce their own Spumante Brut and Riserva.


Vigneti delle Dolomiti I.G.T. Pinot Nero

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This extraordinary and precious cultivar original of Borgogna found in Trentino wine growers who carried on long and diligent research and created a typical sort with excellent qualities and low production.
In the year 2009 it was the winner by the national concourse “ Le Giornate del Pinot Nero” in Alto Adige.


Vigneti delle Dolomiti I.G.T. "Sarica" Rosso

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Exclusive wine created with grapes Syrah and Pinot Noir by Marco and Stefano Pisoni in 1994. These wines found their ideal habitat on the hills in Pergolese and for them is reserved the best position with a very good exposure to the sun in order to reach the best colour and bouquet.


Vigneti delle Dolomiti I.G.T. Rebo

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This cultivar has been originated from two typical Trentino’s varieties: Teroldego (autochthonous) and Merlot thanks to the work of the researcher Rebo Rigotti at the beginning of the fifties. Until few years ago people thought that Rebo could be a crossing between Merlot and Marzemino but now, with the new DNA test, we are sure of the origin of this rich and full-bodied wine.

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Vigneti delle Dolomiti I.G.T. Cabernet

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This variety arrived in 1894 from France is one of the oldest in Europe. It was just known as Biturica during the Roman period. Cabernet Franc loves hills, clayey ground and its wine-making with Cabernet Sauvignon produces a very particular wine.