We are located in northern Piedmont at the foot of Mt. Rosa, surrounded by the Alpine chain to the North and stunning views of the Padana plain to the South. This is the place where the prestigious Nebbiolo grape was first cultivated before becoming famous in other areas of Piedmont. Locally this grape is known as Spanna and together with Vespolina, Croatina and Uva Rara are part of the history of wine producing in this area since the 1700s. This culture and tradition nearly died out during the rapid development of the textile industry in Biella in the 1900s.

The vines
We may not have the best vines in the world but we have learned to understand and respect each individual plant and its needs, thereby obtaining a superior quality of grape .Our vineyard is made up of about thirty different small vine growing areas, each with its own characteristics of soil and climate. Therefore every year we need to adapt our work according to the needs of each vine, some very old and some newly planted.

The wine cellar
Our cellar is small, well organised and dynamic, just like us. The doors are always open to anyone who would like to come and visit. The processing area has modern wine making equipment. Before being bottled the wine is aged in wooden barrels in part of the cellar where the original bricks and the soft light give a traditional atmosphere.


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