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To Pino Paternoster, undisputed patriarch and master of the history of Aglianico del Vulture.

“The account of more than 90 harvests,
The absolute respect of the tradition,
of the historical background and of our people.
The love for our territory: the Vulture,
all along guardian of our
uncontaminated environment.
A never-ending mission
that we intend to hand down as times goes by.”

History and origins

Paternoster Family may well be described as a main chapter of Mount Vulture wine making history, as they have been wine growers since last century.
It all started from “Grand Pa” Anselmo decision to keep alive the noble art of wine producing inherited from his father. In 1925 (the date is still visible on family historical cellar doorway) he chose to sell bottled Aglianico, which, up to that moment, he just vinificated for domestic and friendly purposes. This date is crucially relevant both for Winery and Family’s history. Since then, every single member jealously started saving each vintage labels, pictures and wine making traditional tools. Unaware Grand Pa Anselmo gave life to a reputable three generations family business today absolutely complied with tradition, historical epoch, local sites and natural ecosystem.

Annual production stands around a fixed quantity of 150.000 bottles in order to grant constant quality standards to medium–high range consumers.

Numerous awards and specialized press issues have recognized Paternoster central role as major promoters ofAglianico del Vulture, as well as testimonials of the whole wine making area. Commercial success and fame have not influenced company’s beliefs and original commitments: a deep link with Basilicata, namely Barile, an ancient and important centre for Aglianico del Vulture production. Here the “Cantine” sites, a still visible amazing cluster of more than 100 tufaceous secular cellars, reveal the unforgettable family’s seal carved on to the initial steps of local Vulture wine making.


Many faces, one single soul

First Generation

Anselmo Paternoster, born in 1898 was also Knighted “Cavaliere di Vittorio Veneto” since he opened up the way to local viticulture, pioneer of family and entire region long wine history since the beginning of 1900.

Second Generation

Pino Paternoster, born in 1919, was the first charismatic house and Vulture’s Wine Maker, enologist and managing director at a time. He first introduced top quality oak barrels and acquired Villa Rotondo vineyards. Pino made great efforts to promote Aglianico by attending fairs, meetings and exhibitions, such as Vinitaly very first edition. He was at that time also a journalist for many wine magazines and was among the first producers to claim for Aglianico del Vulture DOC appellation in the 70’s.

Third Generation and our mission

Family feels proudly conscious of the role history assigned it. All members’ best reward originate from deference of nature, history, arts, traditions and overall from its Vulture’s people. They work with the same accuracy as 80 harvests ago, well aware that it is necessary to be rigorous in each working step from vineyard to cellar, intensely caring for each single grape, from generation to generation with unchanged genuine soul and spirit.

Paternosters’ are well aware to be privileged people by living in a special beloved land whose most precious symbol is his Majesty Aglianico del Vulture. This is the background which strenghtened and moulded the family, lucidly designing a never yelled lifestyle which they have poured into wines, or, into their “Vultures” as they all love to nick name them.

Their own lives and wines are firmly plaited and bursting of spirit, intense personality and single identities. This is what they boldly keep on suggesting without ever giving way to compromises, pressures or short life trends.

They inherited an ambitious timeless and demanding mission: keep on passing on to future generations the strength of Paternoster Family’s brand: Their Land , the beloved and powerful Vulture

Paternoster’s vineyards estate streches out for about 20 Ha, spread over various farms of Barile production area. “Rotondo – Macarico – Pian di Carro – Gelosia”, are the ageless family’s cru committed to excellence.

They took over from past generations several precious vineyards managing agreements, along with Aglianico, Moscato and Fiano grapes acquisitions deals signed with elderly local producers, either in Barile and surroundings estates.


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