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For over 50 years we have been continuing on the dream of our grandfather, Hans, in producing our own wine.

Founded in 1956, Hans' focus was selling open wines from the winery to Switzerland. In the 1980’s, his son Toni changed over to marketing bottled wines, and since 2001 he has been supported by his grandson Hannes. Not only have the grapes from the family’s 10 hectares  been processed from the onset, but also that of 60 regional grape growers  as well. This close cooperation has extended for generations and is essentially responsible for the excellent quality of the wines.

We have been consciously committed to the varietal character of the particular wines  with a clear focus on the Bolzano varieties Lagrein and St. Magdalener.

Our family is one of the oldest wine-growing families in South Tyrol. Our winemaking history began many generations ago, here where the vines grow on the red rock, the porphyry, typical of this region. Our surname is also the namesake of the red rock.

Today, Toni, the father, and Hannes, the son, jointly conduct the affairs of the winery, supported by the women in the family. Honesty and authenticity are our most important values in private life and in our work.

The history of the city of Bolzano is closely tied to viniculture, just as is our family. The return to our ancestry and to the continuation of traditions are important guideposts for our daily work. Five estates are particularly tied to our family and business – each with its own history.

Wine enjoyment – this is Toni and Hannes' motto. Elegance and drinkability are at the forefront of our wines. Along with this, the typicity of the wine, the expression of the variety and terroir, is clear and recognizable. This is the reason why most of our wines are varietal and our focus is on those vines typical to our region


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Gewurztraminer, Alto Adige DOC

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The Gewürztraminer is one of the most well-known wines of South Tyrol. Unmistakable in bouquet and taste with its typical spicy, floral, and at the same time fruity notes. For this wine we have purposely accentuated its elegance, making it easy and versatile to drink...


Lagrein Rosato, Alto Adige DOC

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Our Rosé is harvested in Gries, the classic Lagrein-growing zone. A high-quality grape and a rigorous controlling during the entire processing brings a wine to life which distinguishes itself through fruity notes of cherries and strawberries and an exceptional crispness...