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Claudio Cipressi

If wine was one of the most important signs of civilization for Hemingway, for Claudio Cipressi it’s giving value to the land where he was born- Molise...

Molise is a beautiful region with a unique landscape. It is largely uncontaminated and the vineyards have great potential, which is why Claudio cultivates 16 hectares with enthusiasm. He has reintroduced the Tintilia vine as well as two other native white grape varieties. The native grape vines he grows now include: 11 Molise Tintilia, 3 Montepulciano, 2 Falanghina and 1 Trebbiano.

Claudio’s cultivation method is strictly organic out of respect for the environment, and as of this year the winery is officially certified as organic. He is extremely picky in choosing which grapes to harvest, selecting each bunch by hand. In the wine cellar he uses a traditional, non invasive method to process the grapes. He pays a lot of attention to the temperature of the grape must and to accurately use the barrels for perfecting the wine. No fruit is added  during aging, which alters the taste, and so the original flavor of the grapes can be tasted in every sip. Claudio continually tries to improve the quality of his wines to compete with other important Italian wines.

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