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Arnaldo Caprai


In 1971 Arnaldo Caprai, a successful textile businessman, bought the Val di Maggio estate to fulfil his dream of producing his own wine. He started off with only five hectares. As time went by he believed more and more in the great potential of the local varieties and most of all in Sagrantino. He kept buying land in the surroundings.

In 1988 his son Marco Caprai started managing the winery and with his passion and determination gave the necessary impetus to the production of top quality wines.

Since 1991 huge investments are driven into the acquisition of new vineyards, scientific research and technological innovation. The winery starts a collaboration with University of Milan and other Instututes of Research in order to improve the results of production. After a few years, new clones of Sagrantino are identified.  the experimentation goes on both on the agronomic and enological sector.

The 1993 vintafe of Sagrantino di Montefalco, created to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the company, makes of Marco the acclaimed new star in the Italian wine making panorama.

Since 1995 we have been reaping the fruits of a hard work made of investments and research to offer the best of our territory.

Our goal today is the same as thirty years ago. Careful and constant work aiming at excellence, research and innovation in the agronomic and enological sector, communication of the culture and identity of our region.

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The cellarOur cellar was completely renovated in 1997. It is modern and functional and it consists of a department for vinification and storage, an Elevation Cellar with Slovenia wood barrels and a refinement in bottle department which concludes the wine's maturation.

The celler

A department for vinification and storage 

  • Rooms position = 1st floor and basement
  • Capacity = 22100 hl in total
  • Stainless steel rate = 75%
  • Wood rate = 25%

An 'elevation cellar' with Slavonia wood barrels
 and roughly 2200 barriques Malolactic fermentation of Sagrantino is done in new barriques. The woods selected for these barriques provide a 90% French composition, coming from the forests of Allier, Nievre and Vosges.
The passage in wood allows the wine to take advantage of all those substances which, together with the constant micro aeration typical of the storage place, determine the enrichment of its bouquet and the achievement of an ideal  aromatic and organoleptic complexity.

  • Rooms position = basement
  • Barriques = 2200
  • Slavonia oak barrels = 15
  • Capacity = 1100hl in the oak barrels and 4500 in the barriques
  • Constant temperature = 15-16°C
  • Humidity = 80-85%.

Refinement in bottles concludes the wine's maturation. 
It completes its evolution becoming more refined from the olfactory and tasting point of view. We leave the bottles for 6 to 8 months in a room designed on purpose for this last, decisive step.
All our bottles are checked by our specialized staff and our quality is guaranteed by the ISO 9002 mode certification.

  • Rooms position = basement
  • Finishing capacity = some 105.000 bottles
  • Temperature = 15-16°C
  • Humidity = 80-85%

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