The Wineries Cristiano Guttarolo are housed inside an old farmhouse located in the Murge plateau, about 400m above sea level.

The company is a project aimed at the encouragement Wine Culture and regeneration of this vine that nell'agro of Gioia del Colle is expressed with particular elegance, to altitude, due to strong temperature variation between day and night, for good ventilation and the peculiarities of the Murgia karst terrain. For a precise choice of the quality Cellars Cristiano Guttarolo tend to remain on an annual output of not more than 40/50 quintals per hectare.

When talking about primitive thought is almost always the denomination of origin Primitivo di Mandura systematically forgetting what it is, instead, a reality, historically more associated with the grape variety from Puglia and its production, to Gioia del Colle.

Geographically Gioia del Colle is a small cluster of houses surrounding the beautiful castle of Frederick II of Swabia built in 1230. The cultivation of vines and wine production in the territory of Gioia del Colle were already active between the VIIIth and the III ° sec. BC (Peucezia), as evidenced by the numerous discoveries of containers intended to hold wine in the archaeological zone of Monte Sannace, the largest inhabited peuceta known, a few miles from Gioia del Colle (some finds can be admired in the archaeological museum site within the castle).


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