Antica Masseria Venditti

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For over four hundred years Antica Masseria Venditti has cultivated its own grapevines, making and improving its wines with dedication and passion. In addition, with the changing times it too has adapted, blending the ‘humanity’ of the ancient methods with the ‘rationality’ offered by modern technology. This approach, which the first edition of the Gambero Rosso Guide ’88 defined as “organic”, has resulted in a completely natural product, a refined and enhanced nectar of the gods: a wine sophisticated yet competitive in both quality and image

Antica Masseria Venditti takes its name from the family residence in 1595. Almost certainly it was built on the foundations of a Benedictine convent which supplied provisions to the neighbouring abbeys within the region. The best part of the land was reserved for the production of wine, considered a valuable and indispensable resource.
Mention of the farm can be found in the entry of a diary dating back to October 9th 1860.

The company’s headquarters and production centre have been designed according to Nicola’s personal vision and long pondered ideas. The entire area has been conceived in order to enhance the experience, appreciation and culture of wine, a space he defines as ‘a wine-lover’s oasis”. The space is open and easily accessible to visitors. The cellars are flanked by a didactic vineyard containing twenty different autochthonous varieties of grapevines, allowing guests to see first-hand the entire production process.
The focal point in the tasting room is “Torchio di Plinio”, the 16th century wine press, lovingly preserved and restored by the Venditti family. The walls are decorated with paintings by Nicola’s wife Lorenza, paintings which have been elegantly transposed into the company’s wine labels and logo.

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