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The company Borgo Paglianetto is situated in the heart of the Marche region , in a valley extending between Fabriano and Camerino. Inserted in the production area of the Verdicchio Doc of Matelica, Borgo Paglianetto aims to make quality the essence of his being.

The picturesque territory of Matelica preserves history, art and tradition.
In the heart of the production of Verdicchio, thanks to the presence of a strong clonal ancestry, Borgo Paglianetto produces a wine with a fine aromatic and phenolic charge, due to the late maturation of grapes that allows a greater accumulation, in the berries, of salts and essences which distinguish these lands.

Borgo Paglianetto, with its 25 hectares, lies on the hills of Matelica in a closed valley , the so-called Alta Valle dell'Esino, representing the only case in the Marche region for its unusual North-South orientation, fundamental factor contributing to the creation of that microclimate that allows the cultivation of grapes of the highest quality.

The wine cellar consists of a building that allows the processing of grapes according to the most modern technologies and the storage of wine obtained from our vineyards. A second building hosts instead offices, laboratories and a large store with a tasting room.

The recent decision to switch from conventional to organic farming wants to give an important signal to consumers, since the organic grapes are synonymous with a very challenging production as well as an excellent quality.

Borgo Paglianetto

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