Cascina Fonda

Vocation, challenge and passion: these are three essential aspects for Cascina Fonda. Vocation for the territory and the wine-growing since 1963, year in which Secondino Barbero founded the company exploiting his experience in the oenological field.

The challenge was won thanks to his sons Massimo and Marco, who have bottled their wine since 1988; they focused on Moscato and since 1991 they have processed all the produced grapes.

Finally, the passion is for the sweet taste of Moscato, which is produced by the Barbero brothers in the sweet and dry versions Moscato d’Asti and Asti Spumante (since 1991).

This “sweet passion” encouraged Cascina Fonda to focus especially on Moscato, a wine produced on the hills between Mango and Neive, symbol of a land that gives unique fruits.

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