Every phase of the process of transforming grapes into wine at Pravis respects a natural idea of winemaking.
We use the least technology possible: our grapes, once pressed, flow with gravity into fermentation tanks, then into barrels, then finally into containers for pre-bottling with patience and we allow the natural elements of the wine to aid our intuition in the winery.

Enological tradition, paired with a modern archaeological style. Our winery is both practically designed and fascinating in its minimalism. The Dolomites are allowed to “enter” into very outdoor space. Even in the “fruttaia” where grapes are left to dry on grates – the traditional “arele” – destined to be transformed in very particular wines – above all, Vino Santo. And there’s more. The rocks, majestically placed, now an integral
part of our winery, control the winery temperature and also view. 

Even in the deep recesses where our wine slowly matures. This is a characteristic space, silent, in symbiosis with all the other parts of the winery’s structure, including our distillery. In this distillery – with our artisanal “bain-marie” distillation of the grape pomace – we complete the life cycle of the grapes-sipping grappa. The last magic alchemistry of pure Trentino peasant culture.


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Vino Santo, Arèle, Trentino DOC


An exclusive wine, in all ways. A sunny wine, Mediterranean, obtained from slow fermentation
of grapes, allowed to dry on grates, called “arele”, and pressed during Easter Week. For this
reason it is called Vino Santo, fi ne, elegant, with a golden yellow, dazzling colour. With its long, long persistence it is incredibly convincing, joyous, but never tedious on the palate. Unique and premier among dessert wines , able to stand the test of time because it is made only in memorable years which guarantee incredible longevity.


Goldtraminer, Goldsoliva, Vendemmia Tardiva, Trentino DOC


Where does grape ripe better? In the sunny, highhill, sunny fi elds, thus culla respecting the natural cycle of the vine. This is also how the Gold Soliva is born. It results from a late picking of a variety created in the Fifties by Rebo Rigotti, a local winegrowing researcher.
This variety may be left on the vine without faringe autumn frosts, thus evaluating only the annual trend and the sugar concentrations of the grapes riping in the sun.

Stravino di Stravino, Bianco, Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT
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Stravino di Stravino, Bianco, Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT


The name of this unforgettable white wine connects in part to the name Stravino, one of the typical villages of our mountain valley; more importantly, however, is the word play involved – Stravino means that the wine is something so special that it is “beyond wine, [“-stra means “beyond” in Italian].


Syrae, Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT


Fascinating in its dark ruby colour like that of a ripe pomegranate, this innovative Trentino Syrah
shows a complex bouquet of spices, black pepper, hazelnuts and vanilla, all against a mildy earthy background. On the palate it is clean and intense on impact, then it reveals an elegant structure with silky softness. With a strong aging potential.