It was the Greeks who introduced vines into Piedmont, and by the Roman era wine production was flourishing. Today, the region is one of the largest areas for Italian wine quantity and quality. The areas of interest are many ,as the vast area of Monferrato, Roero and Langhe. Most Piedmontese wines are DOC or DOCG, the majority of which are derived from the nebbiolo grape like the two noble red wines of Barolo and Barbaresco, together with, Gattinara, Nebbiolo d'Alba, Bramaterra, Lessona, Boca, Carema, Fara, Roero and Sizzano, all suited to keep over many years. Apart from nebbiolo, other red grapes grown are namely Barbera, Dolcetto, Freisa and Grignolino. Whilst the most significant among white wines, responsible for 30% of the regional production, are moscato bianco, cortese, erbaluceand arneis.

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