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Brunnenhof Mazzon

The Brunnenhof stands solid and composed in the middle of Mazzon's sea of vines. Run by the Rottensteiner family, Johanna, Kurt and their two children Johann and Eva, since1987 the farm is a successful mixture of tradition and innovation. Untouched by city hectic on the Brunnenhof the rhythms of nature dictate the pace of life. Work, pleasure, the land and of course the wine itself, are all determined by the seasons.

Not a family to rest on the laurels of previous generations the new developments in wine production are followed closely and the best chosen selectively. The 'pergola' method, for example, where the vines are trained in an arbour and which was once used on the estate, and indeed by all wine-growers of the southern Tirol, has now been replaced by the trellis system, 'guyot'. In fact the guyot trellis is used on all 2.56 hectares of vineyard, with 6000-8000 vines per hectare .The only exception, and for good reasons, is one hectare of the 2.5 hectares leased from the 'Schlosshof' - the vines on this land are still grown on the traditional arbour.

The Blauburgrunder is a delicate grape so the work on the vines is carried out with the utmost care, from cutting back in winter to the harvest in the autumn. Nature is left to run its course as far as quality allows and therefore no fertilizers, pesticides, herbicdes or Botritis are used. Pests are controlled using lure and fungal diseases with copper and sulphur. 'Everything with measure' is a principle of the Brunnenhof, harmony the ultimate aim.

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