Enstablished in 1957 Casa Vinicola Crisera' boasts a long family tradition of love and dedication to the land, vineyards and good wine.This calabrian family has a long winemaking tradition and that is has been handing down from generation to generation.Today, the firm is growing and flourishing like the vines.

Crisera' has developed over the years and while it has not changed its focus dedication to making wholesome wines from fine quality grapes, it now uses the most modern technologies in order to be highly competitive.Renowned specialists help achieve the stringent quality standards that will satisfy the most demanding and knowledgeable clientele.

The Crisera' philosophy is expressed through personal contacts with italian and international clients, who are welcome to visit the vineyards where they can taste the wide selection of wines made in our cellars.
Criserà makes and bottles the finest wines in Calabria to offer its customers:
COSTA VIOLA, a wine that awakens the palate to the delights of a magnificent land;
RED OF SCILLA, the oldest wine in the Calabria, rubicond and fruity;
ARGHILLA' a warm, velvety red;
PELLARO, a red with fine, persistent bouquet that is aged in barriques;
CALABRIA, a blend of grapes grouwn between two seas;
CIRO' DOC and other wines that are rich in character and personality.

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