Uliva 1111, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garda Trentino DOP
  • Uliva 1111, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garda Trentino DOP
  • Uliva 1111, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garda Trentino DOP

Uliva 1111, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garda Trentino DOP

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Due to adverse seasonal conditions, the 2019 vintage is not available. Next availability: autumn 2020.

Una linea selezionata di olio extra vergine d'oliva DOP Garda Trentino che si caratterizza per l'eccellenza qualitativa. Linea riservata ad enogastronomi, chef, esperti ed amanti della buona cucina e degustatori d'olio.

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Uliva 1111 is a limited production of extra virgin olive oil DOP Garda Trentino, which achieves superlative quality standards thanks to a strict internal protocol processing. Made from hand-picked olives from centuries old olive trees, is presented in numbered bottles, blown and bottled by hand in a container of pure and elegant design: Uliva 1111 is a precious object, designed for 1111 connoisseurs only.

Uliva1111 is available in 500 ml, 250 ml valuable packs, and in 100 ml bottle accompanied by an art book.

The secret of goodness, hamony of color, aroma and taste that characterizes Uliva 1111 abidess in the territory and terrain, Garda Trentino, from the unique micro-climate: mediterranean air combined with mountain rigor.
The olives are picked by hand, from centuries old olive trees, are separated into individual lots and valued according to the strict criteria of excellence of the PDO before being cold pressed within 4 hours from collection.

That’s how the perfect harmony of Uliva 1111 has birth: a masterpiece of craftsmanship and design, local and global at the same time , simple and precious, intense and charming, the fruit and history of a province. Transparency that enhances its essence.

The objective of excellence in quality implies the possibility, in some years, of not having thenecessary selection of extra virgin DOP Garda Trentino. The quantity produced will be variable, but in any case will not exceed 1111 bottles per year for each proposed format.

ULIVA 1111 - extra virgin olive oil DOP Garda Trentino - embodies all the freshness of the fruit from which it comes: it stands for harmony as a whole, for the elegance of perfumes smell and aftertaste, fo the balance of the taste of bitter and spicy notes.

1111 Olive stands out for the elegance and harmony of its components throughout the integral taste and the pleasure with which invites you to be consumed.

From the countryside to the bottle

1. raw material
Comes from previously selected olive trees, disease-free, placed in the sunniest areas of olive fields, of native variety Casaliva.

1.1. collection
It’s strictly manual, in a state of slightly early maturation and with a maximum time of 4 hours that elapses between the detachment of the fruit and its pressing.

1.1.1. production
All precautions to disperse as little as possible of what has been achieved in the fruit are adopted. The process is certified for cold extraction. control 
The production process and the quality of the oil is certified by CSQA in respect of the DOP Garda Trentino discipline and in accordance to it.

Organoleptic properties  




Organoleptic properties

COLOUR: emerald green with golden specks.

AROMA:  To the nose it reveals immediately the unique area and the variety it belongs to, with the notes of large and medium intensity in a fascinating mix that ranges from the grass of a lawn mowed, an apple, green almonds, and artichoke.

FLAVOUR: The taste traverses the balance between initially sweet and then pleasantly bitter and spicy, and releases its enduring aromas on the palate with a nice clean feeling in the end.  


Data sheet

Extra Virgin Olive Oil D.O.P.
Denomination of origin
Garda D.O.P.

Specific References

Agraria Riva del Garda

Via S. Nazzaro, 4
Via edoardo Modl 1
Riva del Garda, Trento 38066

Sito Web : http://www.agririva.it