Trento D.O.C. Brut Riserva 2011 "Maso Nero"



Opening a bottle of sparkling wine is always a ritual linked to a moment of cheerfulness and a desire to party. For us, this gesture is best expressed with a bottle of Zeni sparkling wine...

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...a sparkling wine with an important structure obtained through a seven-year period on yeasts which give opulence, structure and roundness to the sparkling wine with a pleasant hint of vanilla and chocolate. Perfectly-orchestrated with a long flavour and a good dose of freshness and aroma

Training system: Double Trentino arbour connected with 5.00 x 0.60 m plant spacing. 3300 vines per hectare

Vineyard: Zaraosti located on the slopes of Monte Corona on land code S. Michele BM 279/1.2 and extends over a surface area of 37,168 m².

Grape-harvesting period: Harvested on 1st September 2004 to maintain the natural level of acidity and its intense kick of unripened fruit. The grapes, gathered whole, in crates, reach the winery to be delicately pressed.

Fermentation cycle: After pressing, the must begins to ferment at a temperature which ranges from 18 to 20 degrees and then the second, malolactic, fermentation takes place, reducing natural acidity. In August 2005, wine obtained in this way was bottled together with a precious blend of yeasts and sugars, for refermentation in the bottle in order to obtain the classic fizziness. Stands for forty months in the bottle to age. In April 2009, disgorgement took place, removing the yeasts which created the fizziness and topping up with a blend of wine and sugar syrup, obtained from an expert formula composed of the Sortì and secrets of the master cellarman.

Organoleptic properties  




Organoleptic properties

COLOUR: intense straw yellow

AROMA: subtle and persistent

FLAVOUR: round and opulent with a pleasant hint of chocolate

Serving temperature

Best enjoyed at a temperature of 6-8°C.

Wine and food matching

remarkable as an aperitif, excellent with antipasti and delicate, fish-based dishes. A superb accompaniment throughout the meal

TypeSparkling White Wine
Designation of originTrento D.O.C.
Alcohol Content13 %

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