Sicilia D.O.C. Nero d'Avola "Kuntari"

Terre di Giurfo

Terre di Giurfo

In the Sicilian dialect the term “cuntari”, means “to tell”, this way Kuntari, with its’ ruby red color and its’ intense but  equilibrated perfumes,tells the story and traditions of the autochthonous Nero d’Avola grapes...

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  • GRAPE SOURCE: Licodia Eubea ( CT).
  • VARIETAL: 100% Nero d’Avola.
  • VINEYARD YEAR: v1995.
  • YIELD PER HECTARE: 8 tons.
  • PLANTING DENSITY: 4000 / 5000 plants per hectare.
  • HARVEST PERIOD Mid: to end of september.
  • VINIFICATION: In red with maceration on skins.
  • FERMENTAT ION TANKS: Stainless-steel, 150 hl. capacity.
  • AGEING: Refining in barriques for 12 months.
  • BOTTLING PERIOD: Early march.
  • MACERATION PERIOD: 12 - 45 days on skins
  • ALTITUDE: 550 meters above sea level.
  • MICROCLIMATE: Rainy winters moderate temperatures, and dry hot summers.
  • SOIL: Medium texture soìl tending to compact, interspersed whit lirny tufa

Organoleptic properties  





COLOUR: deep ruby red 

AROMAIntense and persistent, with accents of small red fruits, such as bilberries.

FLAVOURTannk and well balanced, with spiky nuances that fili every angle of the mouth.

Serving temperature

Best enjoyed at a temperature of 16-20°C.

Wine and food matching

 Excellent combination for red meats,smoked cold cuts and well seasoned cheeses.

Cellar liferecommended cellar life: 6 to 8 years
TypeRed Wine
Designation of originSicilia D.O.C.
VarietyNero d'Avola
Alcohol Content14,5 %