Vigneti delle Dolomiti I.G.T. Nosiola

Azienda Agricola Salvetta

Azienda Agricola Salvetta

Nosiola, antique and unique white grape variety of Trentino, characterized by a late maturation (as for red grapes), finds in the Sarca Valley the characteristics that promote and enhance its distinctive traits: dry soils, limestone and a particular microclimate generated by winds blowing in the area. Here the vineyard – raised “at Guyot” on chestnut poles - produces its sweet golden grapes...

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...Following a deep-rooted tradition, the wine must is left a week in contact with the skins. Nosiola then rests patiently in seasoned acacia barrels until the end of fermentation, remaining on the yeasts until May-June of the following year and finishing his aging in an old Rhenish bottle for at least a year and a half. The time and the return to the traditional and natural methods of vinification and aging allow the Nosiola to fully express their own distinctive characteristics, extracting the main aromas of the grape and developing in the barrels and bottle secondary ones. The result is a structured wine, able to give his best at a temperature of at least 15 degrees

YEARLY PRODUCTION 6,000 bottles (0.75l).

VARIETY Nosiola (unique native white grape originated in Trentino).

VINEYARD LOCATION Sarche, Trento, Rauten Vineyard, along the river Sarca (Sarca Valley).

TERRAIN Alluvial medium texture, with gravel.

VINEYARD CHARACTERISTICS Organic Certification since 2012. Three parcels totaling 1.5 hectars (6,000 vines per hectare), simple Guyot, with chestnut poles.

VINIFICATION Soft pressing, fermentation leaving the skins in contact with the must for a week, then rest on yeasts in acacia barrels until May and June of the following year, followed by aging in stainless steel tanks for 6 months and in bottle for another 4 months

TypeVino Bianco Biologico
Designation of originVigneti delle Dolomiti I.G.T.
Alcohol Content12%

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